Custom Built Dominick Ramos Stratocaster Sunburst Master Built

$3,270.00 (USD)

Sunburst Custom Hand Built Dominick Ramos Stratocaster

This Instrument is ONE of a Pair of Hand Made Master Built Stratocaster Style Guitars
If you have ever owned a Master-Built Custom Made Guitar, built by hand by ONE person instead of a factory (even a so-called “Custom Shop”), then you know what a pleasure it is to hold a piece of artful craftsmanship in your hands and savor the beauty and vision that this one builder alone put into that chunk of wood, wires and metal.
There is nothing like it~!
For the very rare few who own a Dominick Ramos Instrument, we KNOW and enjoy this feeling and share an honor and love with Dom. His work stands among the top of the Craft in the world today.
Dominick Ramos Guitar Builder and Luthier to
Some of Woodstock, NY Great Performing & Recording Artists

Dom_Burst_012 Dom_Burst_001 Dom_Burst_002 Dom_Burst_003 Dom_Burst_004 Dom_Burst_005 Dom_Burst_006 Dom_Burst_007 Dom_Burst_008 Dom_Burst_009 Dom_Burst_010 Dom_Burst_011

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